Spring Festival Gathering

is coming...

Dear all,

Due to the harsh schedule of local Chinese restaurant, the traditional Chinese new year party has to be postponed. Fortunately, we have successfully reserved certain amount of seats for the gathering dinner at Ni Hao Restaurant. Now we sincerely invite you to join us to celebrate the traditional festival.

Please read the detailed information of the dinner and be sure whether you are available to apply for it.

Location: Ni Hao Restaurant (near Casino)

Time: 14th, Feb. 6 pm

Fee: 10 euro / person (Beverage is not included)

Attendance: 100

We suggest you register yourself by sending us an email in advance. (info@acssg.nl) Please mention your FULL CHINESE name and faculty in the email. The reason that we wanna know your faculty is to distinguish those who have the same Chinese names, which happend last year.

Due to the limited budget we have, you can only register yourself and one partner (optional). If you want to bring more people, the rest of them have to pay the full bill (16.8 euro/ person or 10 euro/ kid). Still, since we have only reserved 100 seats, we need to know how many you wanna bring with you so that we can seek the possibility to add the seats for your friends.

For the inconvenience, we have to say sorry to you. We do look forward to your understanding.

If you are successfully registered, we will send you an email back to confirm as soon as possible.

Email: info@acssg.nl

Looking forward to your participation!

Happy New Year!