Meeting with RuG Rector

Time: Nov. 19, 2007
Location: RuG

Answers to some Focus questions that Chinese students commonly encounter.

1. Most students complained that they had to wait for an extra three months before they could get their degree.
Answer: It majorly depends on the program director. As this problem has been increasingly raised, RuG will try to propell all program director to take it into account.

2. ACLO does not provide service for AIO PhDs, Post-docs and their families. This creats lots of problem for students union to organize regular sports activity.
Answer: No, because they have no students'privilege any more. But ACLO will take into consideration to open the door wider for international students.

3. Some students cannot get the student card before they acquire the residence permit
Answer: As international students, they should first get their bank account number so that they can register by RuG.

4. It takes sometimes too long to open an account in the bank.
Answer: They can resort to International Students'Desk for more help!

5. On RuG website, the information in English is not enough.
Answer: RuG has already realized this problem. Now they are engaged in updating English news as often as they can.

6. Dutch language courses are too costly.
Answer: Yes. RuG is now thinking to provide some "survival Dutch courses" for international students with low fees.

There are also some facilities open to international students.

1. SO= center for academic skills

2. SP=unversity psychologists

3. SC=student counsellors

5.USVA=cultural center

6.ISD=international service desk