Welcoming Ceremony for New Chinese Students in Groningen

Time:17:00-19:00, Sept. 5th, 2007
Centraalbibliotheke Collegezaal (4 etage)

1.5:00-5:15 Taking seats

2.5:15 Meeting starts
2a. Brief introduction of ACSSG members, 5min.
2b. Brief introduction of ACSSG members, 15-20 min
2b1. semi-official, directed by Chinese Embassy
2b2. not involved in economical issues
2b3. principles for activities
2b4. relation with Gogodutch.com
2b5. declaration form for future return
2c. protection byelaw
2d. Dutch-Chinese cultural difference
2e. ACSSG sports clubs (badminton, basketball, football) 10-15 min

2f. Introduction of Ms. Cao from International students office

3. Question time and free talk