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is a master student from Shanghai, China. She is now studying medical pharmaceutical sciences in UMCG. As a Chinese girl who has been thousands miles away from home for two years, she will describe her study and life in Groningen.

Unconsciously, the Chinese Spring Festival is creeping towards us again. This thought just hit me when I opened my eyes in bed this morning, staring at my over-white ceiling with a blank mind as usual. Overcome with emotion, I relized that I have spent almost 500 days in this foreign country this peaceful and quiet little town, though I can still smell the flavor of that day in late summer of 2006 , I departing with three huge packed luggage and all my exitement in Shanghai airport. I never thougt the life abroad could be so ……..please, excuse me, I failed to find a word which is competent to tell the feeling of it. With no exception, I suffered through the homesickness, culture shock and social problems. The harshest period came at the christmas of 2006, which I had been stay in the town for 4 months. All the streets were decorated in a fabulous state, snows came sometime were dancing in the cool air, saucy kids were chasing against each other with their boisterous laughter along the street, and shops were crowded with high-spirited people wearing their smiles. I saw the small town boiling in that winter. But to me, I only felt the coldness in December. Sometimes I asked myself where I was. The shining christmas trees, these jovial passers seemed so far away from me. I was just like an outsider, standing in the rollick, watching but no touching. It’s the first day after Christmas in my office, my self-control left me alone. I could not help the tears of rolling down my face at the moment my colleague gave the new year’s wish to me. The abrupt crying scared him a little bit, I guess. He stood riveted to the ground for several minutes before leaping to me with a strong hug. Now when I look back to it, it seems only an amusing episode. I ‘ve become to enjoy the outspoken personality of people here, the peaceful atmosphere, the occasional sun shine and of course the frequent rain-- the hardest part I have to say. I am not telling a sad story here. I just want to say life is always trying to offer you a gift with different appearance.

Zhenxia Xiao
has just finished her master study in Human Resource Management. She will tell you how she feels about Groningen and RuG.

Life in Groningen is kind of peaceful and idyllic. The study in RUG is the highlight of my university life. During the course, the multitude of voices and viewpoints from students and professors alike create a dynamic learning environment. In-class work and extracurricular activities give me the chance to participate in new cultures, make lasting friendships, improve my language skills, and experience sights from the globe. The experience here definitely cultivates my global perspective and provides me the opportunity to take a dip in other countries. For new comers, most likely it will be just a nice little exotic break. Enjoy your life here and don't hesitate to share your experience with friends :) .

Jinhua Zhang
has studied Economics Management as a master student. After receiving his master degree, he is now seeking an opportunity to pratice it in the Netherlands. Click on the audio file to listen to him, please.